Laser Automotive LTD

Laserline Automotive LTD

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Laserline Automotive LTD is the new distributor of Laserline and Flashpoint car security and parking systems. As a company we specialise in the following:
  • Car alarms and immobiliser syatems
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Can bus and keyless alarm upgrades
  • Tracking systems

Our Products

Image 1 CAN Bus Alarms interact directly to vehicle electronics, working from original remote controls.
Image 2 Remote alarms arm and disarm via new 3 button remote control, ideal for vehicles without factory remote controls.
Image 3 Parking sensors in both flush, behind bumper, fit and through bumper fit. Ideal for OEM look and fitting to commercial vehicles with steel bumpers.
Image 4 Tracking systems to monitor vehicle via GPS.